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Wedding & portrait photographer for the adventurous and young-at-heart who long to be seen as wild and free as they were always meant to be.

Don't blame it on me, blame it on my wild heart.

MY NEWEST photography work, wellness journey EXPERIENCES, and RANDOM personal life posts are updated regularly on instagram: @thiswildway.


It's lovely to meet you here! I'm a professional photographer and long to capture your unique chemistry. I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and pre-medical sciences, I am passionate about helping you see your absolute beauty and compelled to share my own journey to wholeness with you.


You're here because you already enjoy living a life free from modern standards, or you are finding yourself frustrated by mainstream society's lackluster efficacy in helping you develop a healthy and extraordinary life. You wish for an inward light that makes your outward glow. And you may be looking for a photographer who you can completely trust in capturing that glow.


From strong women to families to at-home lifestyle sessions to newborn sessions, it makes my day when clients tell me that they are so excited about their gorgeous images..


I specialize in full wedding events, private elopements,  intimate ceremonies, and photographing those who are about to get married or have already committed to doing life together.


Unlike others, we'll create stunningly gorgeous senior portraits that will make your friends jealous, and make you feel like a model. Find yourself in the best light and feel as wild and free as you are.

A few of my favorite recent weddings & portraits. MY WELLNESS JOURNEY

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James & I found out we were expecting a baby in July of this year after 14+ years of infertility. Baby is due March 2018. Here's a little snippet of my journey.


As with most people, I wasn't experiencing just one set of symptoms and, frustratingly enough, the comorbidities overlapped in many ways. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 21 due to a slew of symptoms -- a handful of the worst were sharp stabbing right and left ovary pain that sent me to the ER multiple times per years, hirsutism, anovulation, chronically high testosterone and androgen levels, infertility, and extra weight that wouldn't budge at all despite working out three hours a day five days a week. I my tight belly looked 7 months pregnant. I was prescribed medications that were meant to control some of these symptoms,  but they didn't. At ALL. I resumed a diet that I deemed "healthy" by all modern American standards.


By the time I was in my mid-twenties, I hadn't had a period in 3 years. And I started experiencing abdominal distention and pain so severe that I went to the hospital too many times to count.  I also felt swollen all over my body. The pain would be worse at night and felt like a small rodent was gnawing at my guts. I was told that my severe IBS could be explained by gluten intolerance of some degree. I looked up information about Celiac Disease and began eating a completely gluten-free diet in December of 2011. Within one month, I lost 30 lbs and was delighted to experience my first period in three years ... and continued to have them regularly. Just think about that for a second. It's been six years. I haven't eaten a single molecule of gluten since and had no returning symptoms since that miraculous day in December.


But flash forward to April of 2016. I was 34 years old, and started experiencing perplexing upper abdominal pain and swelling just below my ribcage. My gastroenterologist proposed the idea that I was having a Celiac flareup or that I ate gluten somehow. I reassured that this was impossible. She ordered an upper GI endoscopy and other GI tests that revealed no obvious etiology. My periods came more sporadically, and I felt severely anxious and depressed to the point of suicide contemplation. And to make matters worse, my upper GI pain was so severe that I would have rather died than went on feeling that horrible. None of the five prescriptions that I was on helped at all. In fact, my symptoms worsened. I did some research regarding my symptoms and discovered a nutritionist in Canada who discussed my symptoms in length and offered a natural solution -- KETO. Long story short, fat saved my life. All of my symptoms disappeared within 24 hours hours and have been gone since.


I'd love to share more with you, so that hopefully you find healing, too. Please check in with my posts over at @thiswildway on Instagram.


My wellness journey has resulted in a few abrupt and intense nutritional and lifestyle changes. But it has also set me on a path where natural healing is more attractive and efficacious in certain areas of my life. My educational background is in psychology and pre-medical sciences. I spent four years studying the human body and the human mind. I studied Native American and complementary medicine. I planned on applying to medical school after this year off until I found out I was pregnant. My morning sickness (nausea) and fatigue was so disruptive to daily life that I began looking for natural ways to reduce my symptoms. I met my friend, Katelyn, at the park who suggested that I try essential oils. Ginger EO in some sparkling water immediately relieved my nausea. I ordered my first Young Living kit and used every single essential oil to help sustain my family's wellness and health every day since. I'd love to talk to you more about this modality of natural healing. Contact me via the contact form on this site to ask me questions about symptoms you struggle with specifically.


My essential oil kit has helped and my family stay well, recover from colds more quickly, sleep better, reduce morning sickness, feel calm and happy, disinfect our home without harmful chemicals, and has made our house smell oh so delicious.


To learn more and order your own starter kit, please start here and/or contact me.

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